I expertly walk you through your brand journey—from genre insight to big idea,
client brief to impressive identifying visual.

My lineup of clients includes a wide range of categories and industries: sports wear and gear, food and other consumer goods, the academe, non-profit organizations, and private corporations as well. Projects can include but are not limited to logo design, brand bible development, production of collaterals for events, and the creation of print, digital, and social media visual components.

When developing brand visuals, there must be a thorough understanding of the target market. Throughout my career, I’ve serviced various genres and know the key differences in creating visuals for males, females, teens, and even kids. I have also applied an astute sense of targeting for different niches, be it home, food, gaming, wedding, motherhood, travel, outdoor, active lifestyle, business, showbiz, beauty, and fashion.

    Key visual, Logo

  • Brand Bible

  • Merchandising

  • Packaging